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 Alrowad for Science and Technology is a nonprofit organization that was established by Arab academics for promoting STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) in the Arab community of Israel by supplementing practical and innovative educational programs for children, teachers and parents and promoting higher education in science and technology fields. 

Alrowad is managed by Dr. Masaood Ganaiem (Pharmaceutical scientist), Awnas Abunimer (Science teacher for gifted children) and Jobran Rayyan (Physics teacher) 


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Alrowad's mission is to build an educated, science-based Arab community, which contributes to social stability and economic growth in Israel [Read more].


Alrowad's programs touch thousands of people annually, including children, teenagers, teachers, students and the whole community. We invite you to explore the unique projects of Alrowad:


1. Higher degrees
Promoting higher degrees in science and tech in the Arab community. [click to video]
2. Mobile labs for children
3. Production and development
4. Teacher's mobile labs
5. Volunteer Team
6. Science shows in the community
7.Social-scientific entrepreneurship
8. Robotics squad
9. Capacity building
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Prof. Mouna Maroun

Top 50 influencer women in Israel. Chair, Sagol Department of Neurobiology, Haifa University

The Al-Rowad Association is beginning a scientific revolution and is a positive actor to expose students in the Arab society, who are in a lower socio-economic situation, to know and to experience science. Al-Rowad helps to open the doors of equality of opportunity in academia by strengthening and empowering Arab students.

Al-Rowad leads and accompanies the Arab youth on the path to academic and scientific excellence in order to raise a better generation, a generation of scientists and researchers with a social agenda and a moral commitment to the betterment of society.

Prof. Hossam Haick

Rated one of the top five brains in Israel; Top 100 inventors in the world. Top 35 scientists in the world by MIT.  Chemical Engineering Department, Technion

The Al-Rowad Association is a cornerstone for promoting excellence in our society in order to contribute to meeting the challenges of the 21st century and to the building of an innovative generation.

The Al-Rowad Association provides students and school staff with proven facts, research and studies that help balance progress in the physical, social and scientific spheres.

I see the Al-Rowad Association as an important actor in community outreach and networking to deepen harmony among all parts of the community.


Science fiction

Dr. Massoud Ganaim had a dream to improve science studies in  the Arab sector. Today he dominates an array that includes dozens of volunteers and plenty of experiments.

Ynet, 25.02.2016


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